Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dreams come true

I started my holiday reading a little bit early. I just fancied something light and found the perfect book. The Beach Cafe, by Lucy Diamond, ticked all the boxes. I am at that time of life when I feel like trying something new, but just can't think what. I have a great life and I am very happy, but one of my dreams is to live by the sea. I have to say, I am very fickle and lots of things make me happy. I would also love to live somewhere rural, I also love living in London, I would also love to live abroad, so I am probably either a difficult person to please or I just love everything. I think I am the latter, but enough about me. I loved the Beach Cafe. It is about the youngest of three sisters, who is referred to as the black sheep because she doesn't live life conventionally, e.g. find a man, get married, have babies, or have a career. She has chopped and changed careers, and although in a stable relationship, is not quite convinced that they are making each other happy. Anyway, in her early thirties, her favourite aunt dies suddenly leaving Evie (I love that name) her beach cafe in Cornwall. What could be more idyllic. The story describes the trials and tribulations that follow, but naturally, as with all good chicklit, there is a happy ending, allbeit with several disasters throughout. It is a really nice read, lovely characters, great location, and very enjoyable. I do however, now want to live right on the seafront in Cornwall.