Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Last Secret of the Temple

Written by journalist, Paul Sussman, The Last Secret of the Temple, was really enjoyable and very interesting. It is described by the Independent as 'the intelligent reader's answer to the Da Vinci Code.' I am not sure that does the book justice. I found it very educational. I have a tendency to avoid politics, because I feel confused by all the different views. In my opinion, this book clearly set out Arab-Jew-Muslim relations, identifying the issues, presenting clear arguments for all, and describing, very movingly, the pain that they are all going through. The language is quite strong, but not unnecessarily so, just expressing the frustration that they feel. There is a treasure that they are searching for, so it is still a thrilling adventure, but together with the history, and the characters, which were very plausible, I found it a really good book.