Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New favourite author!

Well it is the Summer holidays and I have discovered a new favourite author, which is why I haven't been blogging. I had already read one of her books The Unfortunates, but then I read a write-up about Laurie Graham's The Importance of Being Kennedy, in the Sunday Times, and I could not resist! It was so interesting. I learnt so much about history, but in such an easy-to-read way, full of rich character, and stories about different lifestyles. It is about a country girl from Ireland who becomes nursery maid to a family in the United States of America, in 1917. The family turns out to be the Kennedy family and so begins a description about the development and roles of each member of the Kennedy family. The prelude says that these are the memoirs, published by her nephew, but the publishers say it is a work of fiction, and yet, it is so believable. A really good read. So, the next one that I bought was called The Future Homemakers of America. No famous family in this one, but again some brilliant characters, the main ones being the wives of US air force pilots based in Norfolk during the war, and what happens while they are in England and when they get back to America. Again, absolutely brilliant, and really good to read. The next one, by this autor, is Mr Starlight. Quite different, although focusing on particular characters, two of whom are musicians who move from England to America to become celebrities. As the title suggests, one makes it while the other doesn't or does he....there is so much to this book, and the ending has an unexpected modern twist, but in keeping with the times, 1930s onwards, through the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. My next on in the Laurie Graham series is "Gone With The Windsors". The title is ace in itself. Can't wait to read the rest... I did deviate slightly by reading Sepulchre and The Sonnet Lover, both by authors that I have read before. Sepulchre is by Kate Mosse and is set in 19th century Paris and the South of France. It is similar to Labyrinth, in that the story is set in two eras, but joined, and the main subject is tarot cards. It was enjoyable, although a bit harsh in places, but the story was very romantic and dramatic, and made me want to return to France again...one day! The Sonnet Lover is by Carol Goodman, who also wrote the Lake of Dead Languages, among others. This was set in Italy, and was also very romantic and dramatic, and the key focus was on Shakespeare's sonnets, and whether or not he had a romance in Italy. It was very good, beautifully written. So, this is why I have been so bad at keeping this blog up-to-date. There just isn't enough time in the day :-)