Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No time to write....too many good books!

I have been too busy to write because there are so many good books to read! I started off with Alice Hoffman's "Ice Queen" and as per usual, she did not disappoint. It was such a beautiful story, really enjoyable. After that, came "The Geographer's Library". Well designed, with one chapter set in modern times, and the next chapter on history and antiquities, continuing in this manner throughout the book. Informative, entertaining and well-written. I have just finished "Prep", a very useful insight into the thought processes and behaviour of teenage girls in a mixed boarding school. Again, very well-written and informative. And now, I am reading "Between Georgia". I have already read "Gods in Alabama" by the same author, which was a really good story, and this is turning into another excellent story. The author's description of the experiences of a deaf and blind lady are so well described, you can feel the frustration she feels. I hope it continues to grip!