Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book binge!

I can't believe that it has taken me so long to update this blog, but I guess, there have been holidays and of course loads of work. I had a bit of a Chalet School fest, reading about four books which I bought from eBay, a good source for books that are no longer in print.

I also bought The Third Angel which is just such a beautiful, but tragic love story. Alice Hoffman writes about such sad events, but with such beauty and gentleness. She also tackles the death of a lover which such dignity. It was so moving, but this wasn't the entire focus of the book. This story links a variety of characters over a period of about fifty years, focused around the events in a hotel and two sisters. I just loved it.

And now, I am reading The Glass Painter's Daughter which I am really enjoying. I would love to do a stained glass workshop now. I am learning so much about glass and also choirs, and it is a wonderful story with a mystery based on a historical journal. I am struggling to put it down. But alas, responsibilities beckon...